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Website Design:

Our team of professional designers bring innovation and style to your website by going beyond traditional website implementations and designs. We will convey your brand image to the audience in a manner that is eye-catching, appealing, and refreshing.

Website Development:

One of the most important phases towards your business’ online presence is the website development phase. Recognizing this, our company ensures that utmost care is taken to ensure that a solid foundation is laid for your website.

eCommerce Development:

If you are looking to sell products and services online then you will be needing a versatile and powerful eCommerce website that is capable of handling the high inflow of traffic. Our team of skilled website developers ensure that your eCommerce website features high-standard code with intuitive marketing strategies for increased online sales.

WordPress Development:

WordPress is a flexible and powerful content management system and website building tool that requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise to understand perfectly. Our team of WordPress developers is highly skilled at designing themes, developing plugins, and customizing the WordPress platform to suit your website’s exact requirements.

PHP Development:

A dynamic website with a responsive design is what you can achieve if your website is developed on the general purpose scripting language, PHP. Our developers are skilled at programming in PHP that allows them to build quick, efficient, and powerful websites for you.

Magento Development:

From customized shopping carts to SEO optimized eCommerce websites, the Magento developers at Search A Wish are more than capable of facilitating your website with everything that you want.  We can create anything from a small retail store to an entire online shopping mall with the help of the powerful Magento platform.



A website is the very foundation of a business’ online presence. In today’s modern era of the internet, the most important step that small businesses and startups need to take is to build a highly functional and informative website. A good website is the primary difference between a successful company and an unsuccessful one. An important fact that is worth mentioning here is that your website is a one-time investment that for your website that gives you a lifelong return. One of the most common misconceptions regarding websites, especially with small businesses, is that website development and upkeep is very expensive. However, this is not necessarily true. While there are numerous website development companies that will build a website for thousands of dollars, Search A Wish is not one of them. We provide you great value for money by offering our development services at incredibly low prices. Our vast experience in the website development arena helps us break down a website’s development into specific budgets depending on what is required in the website. We have worked with numerous clients in the past and we have fulfilled the requirements of each and every single client without exceeding their budget. If you are looking for the perfect website for your website that is up to the mark of your demands and preferences and yet does not exceed your dedicated budget for the website then we are just the company that you need!


  • Free search engine traffic:

    We make use of high standard code along with SEO-rich content on your website. Our SEO practices include the optimization of metatags, permalinks, and content to make sure that there is a high inflow of traffic to your website from search engines. This eventually leads to more leads and hence, improved sales for your business.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility:

    We do not believe in taking the easy way out and making a website compatible with a single browser only. Instead, we understand the fact that different people will make use of different browsers for accessing your website and hence, we ensure that your website is fully compatible with all the leading browsers available today. The website will be completely functional and ready for use with all browsers so that your customers never have a chance to complain.

  • Mobile Friendly:

    Having a responsive, mobile-friendly website is not a premium option anymore. Now is the era of the smartphone and it is very likely that your customers will be accessing your website via their smartphones. This is why we code your website in a manner that ensures compatibility and readability with all screen sizes – this makes them appropriate for use with all kinds of devices, be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even smartwatches.

  • Fast loading:

    Nobody likes a slow website that takes ages to load. According to a study, at least 47% of all internet users wait for a website to load within 2 seconds or less before hitting the back button to navigate to another page. This means that if your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, you will be losing 47% of all traffic on your website! Recognizing this, we make use of efficient coding with high-standard development practices to ensure that your website loads quickly under 2 seconds.

  • 100% secure:

    A hacked website is not only inconvenient for the owner but for the website’s visitors as well. We code your website to ensure maximum security for your website. All plugins and add-ons that we use on your website are from reliable developers that provide active support. Not just this but we also apply regular security patches to your website to prevent breaches at any time. We also maintain a regular backup of your website to get everything back in order quickly.

  • Easy to use:

    There is no point of a website if the visitors cannot extract information or reach their desired goal on it. If you want to gain the attention of your customers then your website needs to be highly functional and incredibly easy to use. The navigation tools available should be well labeled, the text should be easy to understand, and the website should be easy to use overall. We make sure that all these elements are integrated into your website to provide a comfortable experience to your customers.

  • Aesthetic design:

    Reading boring content or looking at dull images can turn away just about anyone. If there is no theme, color, or style in your website then it is likely that customers will not be spending much time on it. We design your websites by making use of a vivid theme with a combination of short text and multimedia to ensure that the visitors never get bored of what they see.



We recognize that a website is one of the most important investments that you will make towards creating a digital experience for your business. It is an essential product that broadcasts your brand name to individuals from all around the globe. This is why we focus on developing quality websites that are unique, creative, and advanced. Our designs are refreshing and they perfectly highlight your brand image on the internet. We put your requirements above everything else when we are developing and designing your website to ensure that your business grows rapidly. We promote your high-quality products and services in a manner that is both appealing and innovative. Our process of creating a digital experience involves:

  • Analyzing the goals that you have from your website along with the time and budget that you have for the project.
  • Recommendations and proposals as to how to shape your business’ website for marketing your products and services.
  • Constant communication with you at all times during the building phase of your website.
  • Lifetime support and maintenance.
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About Us

Search A Wish is a website development and design company that is based out of India with networks working in Sydney, Australia and clients from all around the globe. As we have already mentioned above, we are all about offering you great value for your money. We are going to stick around and provide you with quality services until you no longer need us which is when the website starts generating high profits in the case of most of our clients.

Our vast range of services include website development, website design, SEO, marketing strategy development, logo design, theme design, social media marketing management, and PPC management. Our rates are flexible and we believe that we can make you an offer that you simply will not be able to refuse. Our proven record of success testifies to the fact that we provide quality within a budget.

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  • Planning:

    The first step that we take is to learn about your exact requirements for the website. Once we know this, we analyze what you want and gather information about your business to draw up a proposal for your website. The proposal includes the layout and features that we believe are a best-fit for your requirements.

  • Design

    Once the proposal is approved, we begin working on the design of your website with the help of design tools such as Photoshop. Instead of working on ready-made themes, we design a theme for your website from scratch to ensure that the design is not only innovative but customized to suit your business’ exact requirements. Once the design is approved by you, our web designers begin working on the code for the website design.

  • Development

    After the design phase is complete (front-end phase), we begin working on the actual back-end of your website. This process involves the integration of required features into your website including the content and media. We keep in consistent touch with you during the entire development phase to ensure that everything is perfect according to your requirements.

  • Testing

    After the development phase is complete, we thoroughly test the website for any errors or bugs that may be present. In the first phase of testing, we make sure that the website is fully functional without any technical faults. In the second phase, we test to check if all your requirements have been fulfilled.

  • Delivery

    Once the testing phase has been conducted successfully, we deliver the website to you with the promise of lifetime support and maintenance.


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Our work is not complete after we have made your website go online. In fact, this is just the beginning of what we have on offer. The internet is constantly changing and it brings new requirements with it every single day. This is the reason regular maintenance of a website is necessary for your website. Our services include lifetime maintenance through which we update your website with valuable information and relevant features to make sure that your company has a better online presence.


Our company is based out of India that allows us to offer our services to you at incredible rates. However, we would like to mention here that all your web design projects are taken care of with high professionalism. We have years of experience working in the web design India field and we have worked with countless clients in all these years. We know how to implement the different approaches with our own creative touch to make your website look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We are a whole-house company which means that we do not outsource your work to web designer in India but instead handle the entire process on our own. You can rely on us for being reliable and efficient with taking action to ensure the highest quality of results.

All our web design projects are carried out by our team of professional and skilled designers that make the most out of their experience to provide you an interactive, comprehensive, and beautiful website. We put you first and ensure that customer satisfaction is given the utmost priority. The solutions that we deliver will drive your company towards generous profits and success. We enhance your marketing methods to redefine how you interact with your clients and how much traffic do you receive on your website. Our value for money is what makes us the best web design company in India.

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We specialize in providing web design services India but this is not the only service that we have on offer. We are a company that has a wide range of services available that include web development, online marketing, PPC management, and SEO. Our company can help you strengthen your brand’s online presence significantly through influential and active marketing strategies. We can create marketing campaigns that will help generate generous profits for your business. We are not just your everyday web design company, but we are your partners that provide you with the helping hand that you need. We are here for handling your business’ online presence with nothing but innovation, creativity, and professionalism that has guaranteed results. Our previous clients and our portfolio is a testament to the fact that we will elevate your business’ identity from nothing to a well-known entity on the internet through our practices.

Our wide range of services is what allows us to be among the top web designing companies in India. We make sure that your brand is ahead of all the current trends to make sure that your competition is always behind you. We make the most out of the social media and online marketing to grab the best opportunities that the online market has to offer for your business. This is our goal and this is what we are well-known for. Our whole-house approach makes sure that everything is taken care of with the greatest level of care and attention.


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  • Website design
  • Website development
  • PHP based applications
  • Content writing
  • Search engine Optimization
  • Pay per click (PPC) management
  • Expertise in online marketing and social media strategy development
  • Strong technologies competency
  • Expertise in providing business solutions for E-Commerce, Content Management Systems, and Social Media
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  • Experts in frontend (web design) languages: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Experts in backend (web development) languages: PHP, AJAX, REST, SOAP, XML, JSON
  • Content Management System: WordPress
  • E-Commerce: Magento, WooCommerce
  • CRM: Salesforce
  • Experts in database languages: MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL.


  • All senior employees at Search A Wish have 10+ years of relevant experience.
  • All junior employees at Search A Wish have 1+ years of relevant experience.
  • Our developers and designers are highly rated by clients.
  • Minimum qualification: Bachelors.
  • Proficiency in English for improved communication.


We are a team of professionals that is committed to providing you with services that help your business excel. We do not just build websites and deliver them to you, but we also focus on helping you extract the benefits of having a website. Through the use of different online marketing strategies such as email marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing, we expand your website’s potential reach to as many as people as possible.

Our services for expanding the reach of your website include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Branding
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
website designing services in india



  • We are affordable:

    The ultimate factor that you consider before opting for a product or service is the quality-price ratio. We assure you that we provide you with the best value for your money. Our services are of top notch quality but we still do not charge thousands of dollars to our clients for building a website. We specialize in providing packages for small businesses, startups, and enterprises so that you can grab the best deal according to your budget. Not only this but if you have specific requirements and demands for a particular service then we can even provide you with a customized and tailored package specifically for you.

  • Available 24/7:

    We provide you with technical support and customer care at all times, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that you are always connected to us. We will never fail in providing you with the information you need promptly.

  • One stop shop:

    We are not just a web design company India neither are we just a web development company. We are everything else too! From building a website to marketing it online, our wide range of services cover everything that your business needs for an improved online presence.

  • 15+ years of excellence in Web Designing:

    Our portfolio shows the excellent quality of work that we are capable of producing. We have worked with thousands of clients from all around the globe and their reviews of our service confirm that we have a track record of successful projects. Our experience web designers are capable of handling complicated projects with great ease for delivering unmatched results.

  • No contracts or hidden fees:

    There are no minimum contracts, no hidden fees, and no terms for working with us. We will do everything necessary to ensure that you can work with us and provide you with the best possible solution possible. You are free to choose your own budgets and time allocation for a project as you require.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

    We believe in providing services that provide utmost satisfaction to our customers. We will work with you continuously until you have received a product that perfectly resembles the one that you had in mind – satisfaction is guaranteed at all costs.

  • We focus on perfection:

    Our goal is to provide quality services that are the absolute best in the market. The websites we build are made with great attention and detail to ensure flawless perfection.

  • We stick to your deadlines:

    Punctuality is one thing that is guaranteed to everyone that works with us. We know the importance of deadlines and all our work is carried out in a calculated and standardized manner to ensure on-time delivery.

  • We work fast (but we don’t rush):

    Time is money, as they say. We know how valuable your time (and our time is) which is why we make sure that the turnaround time for each and every project is as short as possible. We will get your online business up and running in no time without delay.

  • No shortcuts, no cheap tricks:

    When it comes to approach, we follow the best practices and procedures with constantly evolving advanced methods for ensuring that the work we deliver is of the highest quality.

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There are numerous web development and web design companies in the market so what is it that sets Search A Wish apart from all the rest? The fact that we are a result-oriented company that is dedicated to providing quality above everything else. Our goal is simply: To fulfill your requirements while ensuring maximum satisfaction. We put the customers first and our entire team of web developers and designers work to deliver results of the best quality. We set high standards for ourselves and we do not compromise on the quality of work. We will do a project over and over again, as many times as required, until we find it to be the perfect fit for your company.

Our affordable pricing schemes are another factor that distinguishes us from other web development companies. We are flexible and versatile with the pricing and the payments for a project. We understand that investing a huge sum of money in a website all at once can be very difficult. Our economical packages combined with our years of experience allows us to deliver you quality that is worth the million-dollar appeal at prices that you simply will not believe.

What others say about us

Abhishek Haldiya

We hired Search A Wish to organised our website and digital marketing, They create a simple and good website  and increase our sales. We highly recommend the entire team!

Abhishek HaldiyaDirector - Haldiya Group
Shakha Agrawal

Working with Search A Wish was a pleasure. The turn around time was fast and on time. Their communication was professional and courteous. We would definitely recommend working with the Search A Wish team remotely for your project.

Shakha AgrawalShakha Agrawal Interiors


To get yourself started with the process, all you need to do is to fill out a short and simple form that is available on our website. After the submission of this form, we will get back to you via the provided contact details within the next 24 hours. If you are happy to proceed forward with us, we will gather the information that we need to proceed forward in the planning phase. After this, we will come to an agreement on the milestones for the project and will have work started on your new website immediately!