What is Magento Development?

Magento is a high-end state of the art enterprise-class ecommerce technology platform. Being an open source development platform, Magento has an intuitive back-end interface that gives full control to the merchant and provides excellent marketing tools along with including SEO analytics and reporting. It manages the product catalogs well and tailors the functionality according to your particular business model. The community of Magento developers is huge. It is robust and powerful and is serving over 200,000 online retailer business owners currently. One out of every four retailers or entrepreneurs has Magento as the first choice for their online businesses.

The reason for the incredible popularity of Magento among worldwide developers is that it offers many powerful and flexible features that no other CMS platform provides for ecommerce. Magento possesses the most modern and intuitive interface for administration and advanced marketing needs. It offers fabulous support for search engine optimization as well. You can also perform complex tasks with the help of the built-in catalog management tools. Content control, appearance, and functionality of your business website become easy with Magento as it meets all your business needs.  Magento is a fully scalable platform for developers who need optimal performance. Magento Enterprise Edition provides great Magento Development facility with various packages. With Magento development, it is possible to optimize marketing and use analytical techniques for improvement of administration. The customers can get a high-quality shopping experience with Magento.

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Magento E-Commerce Development:

With the arrival of Magento, the ecommerce projects are increasing worldwide.  It is making ecommerce business more common with sophisticated websites. Magento development provides various features and benefits like online shopping, booking of events, the redemption of vouchers, and managing donations. The buyers can get all they want at one place on a Magento shopping cart.

Magento developers can produce anything from ecommerce websites about health products, customer vouchers, e-publications, technology and peripherals, home appliances, furniture, and clothing etc. It is a choice of every Magento development company in India and developers around the globe. Typical features of Magento development include product catalogs, product searches by customers, shopping carts, and payment gateways to select payment method according to their desire.  Full currency and order management is possible with shipping details. You can also use coupon codes with ecommerce. Magento development also makes ecommerce web hosting easier. The cheap hosting services can be utilized for hosting Magento websites. They give maximum performance over any operating system by keeping development costs low. The web engineers find it easy with Magento to copy the site across the hosting servers and migrate them easily. Magento is designed to accommodate high traffic.

There are great development capabilities in Magento like theme development, custom Magento development, developing payment gateways, and Magento module development for developers. Being an Indian retailer, it is always better to hire Magento developer India and gain maximum profits.

Magento Theme Development:

The most powerful ecommerce platform Magento has earned a tremendous reputation in the market over the years. Today, developers find it effective and easy to manage their needs.  The basics are simple and frontend developers can easily perform robust tasks with Magento. If you are not at the expert level when it comes to web development, then Magento is for you.  The hierarchy and layout of Magento are superb to make learning easy for Magento programmer India or worldwide.

Theme development is an excellent feature of Magento Development.  Developers can create and modify their own themes professionally. The core structure helps them to store their files and control appearance of the website. They can also include images, JavaScript, and CSS nicely into the themes. The Magento base package contains many options for theme development without risk.

Magento Module Development:

With the release of Magento 2.0, a new era in the fascinating world of ecommerce had started. The leading open source solution Magento helps developers to understand the structure of a module very well. They can create their own customizable modules from the scratch and save time. The fundamentals of module development are same in each Magento version. It is easy to manage customers, payments, and product categories of an ecommerce website with modules. Magento community helps you better understand how module development will work, while you can also use hundreds of third-party modules available to you in Magento. Add a specific module to your Magento project for delivering the best services to your clients.

Features and Benefits of Using Magento

Let us have some interesting insights on why Magento is the best for ecommerce and what are the awesome features it offers to developers. These features make it the top choice for professionals for creating powerful ecommerce sites.


Magento websites are responsive to fit any mobile display size. In a nutshell, customers find it easy to view shopping cart and it suits the budgets of retailers as well.

SEO Friendly Platform:

Search engines can rank a Magento site easily due to friendly URLs and metadata for products.

International Support:

Magento supports multiple international currencies and tax rates easily. The European customers can verify their VAT ID. Cookie notifications are also a great feature to make it so friendly for the users.

Most Powerful Ecommerce Features:

The robust platform contains support for multi-domain and multi-site setups. It provides much more benefits as an open source to retailers and customers than WordPress and Joomla as its competitors because of its built-in features for enhancement of ecommerce. Deep customization of everything is possible through it. The design is very modular and suitable for the frontend as well as backend.

Huge Online Community:

The massive online support and community for Magento let the users complete certifications and receive any desirable help online. Frontend, as well as backend developers, can request on-demand training and get certified anytime.


The Magento platform is dedicated towards security and takes it very seriously. It has a secure payment bridge with PCI security feature. The secure platform is very much appreciated by the global community of web developers.

Code Level Access:

If anyone wants to access the source code, all they have to do is to get online and view PHP code to quench their thirst. Anyone can play with the Magento code and increase their learning. It also provides web APIs and support for SOAP and XMLRPC.

Easy Administration:

The admin panel and dashboards in Magento are the coolest features to streamline each task in a quick and easy way for the users. The simplicity of administration is reflected in the latest version with easy navigation through the admin panel. It has become so easy to administer that users can consider it controllable in their sleep. Now the websites can be administered more effectively and IT professionals do not have to go through any difficulty through the entire process.

Customer-centric Shopping Platform:

The basic goal of Magento is to create a higher ecommerce experience for the customers.  The powerful tools from third parties can also be integrated with Magento which lead to a comprehensive user experience.  Creating account with a mouse is simple. The entire shopping cart experience is less intrusive for users and retailers can get more customers through it.

Room For Improvement:

Magento development is getting better and wiser each time with new updates. Now, more security updates have turned it into a new and improved platform than it ever was before. The automatic upgrade installer included in the new version has the responsibility to keep all systems updated. There is no way a faulty code or an intruder or hacker can penetrate through the security of Magento and spoil the ecommerce experience of customers. Magento development India and worldwide community are all appreciating its security features.

The safe and secure payment option like Paypal is fully integrated with Magento which makes it CPI compliant. A lot of effort is being made to make it more secure regularly.

Similarly, payment gateways can be created without hassle and configuration, which is why every Magento development company India prefers this platform for ecommerce.

A huge community of developers has adopted Magento 2.0 due to its ability to streamline and modify extensions made for the version preceding the latest one. Magento 2.0 is impacting ecommerce development in the New Year 2017 due to improved design and coding. Magento also provides a great CSS3 working space and it is turning out to be the most innovative platform for the future developers as well. HTML 5 is adopted by Magento fully with all the powerful features.

How to Find a Good Magento Developer?

The amazing fact is that a Magento website can be constructed without hiring an incredible developer. However, hiring Magento developers India becomes inevitable when a bug has to be fixed or when there is a problem way over your head. The Magento India community is vast and affecting the business of many retailers in India and worldwide.

  • If you are doing Magento website development India, then it is crucial to find the right person for the right job in India. Only then he or she will be able to understand your situation intelligently. Read our valuable tips for choosing a person with high Magento capabilities to match your needs.
  • The whole decision of hiring Magento programmers India depends on how much you need someone. When you are looking to hire Magento programmer India, you need to keep the qualifications and portfolio of the developer in mind. If the project requires many bugs to be fixed and it is an ongoing problem for you, then you must hire developers that are available full time. Do not hire the Magento website developers India who are unable to join you full time.
  • The expertise of some developers is different from one another, so choose a developer wisely who can truly comprehend your complex issues in the Magento website.
  • If you want to work long term with a developer, then consider them seriously and signing a contract or bond will bound them to serve you.
  • If you prefer to hire someone cheap for Magento web development in India, then a freelancer may be a better choice. They may have the appropriate skills similar to an agency professional who might charge much money for the same services. Therefore, going for a cheaper freelance service is a good choice. If you are unable to find a freelancer who is capable enough to solve your issues, then you can go for an agency expert developer. The freelancers work on their own schedule and compared to an agency or software house who have a full-time project manager, freelancers may not be managed as smoothly.
  • Another cliché is that you get services and you pay for them, but a cheaper Magento designer India may not be able to do an excellent job as compared to a well-paid Magento professional. If the crappy code messes up your site, then it might turn out to be a future loss in terms of bug fixes required. You must intelligently evaluate your project first and then decide who to hire. The prices are usually very high in the United States but not in eastern countries like India.
  • It is absolutely vital for you to know the technical competencies of a developer you are hiring. Does he or she have ample experience with the platform? The required skills matter when it comes to quality and reliability of a developer.
  • Personal networking and word of mouth is the most popular way to find someone best for helping you out. Ask your social circle so they might provide you with a good Magento developer.
  • Do not hire anybody who has a bad reputation or is not recommended by your friends or workmates. You need to be aware that Magento services India you are hiring provide you valuable return on your investment.
  • Make sure that whoever you hire does a great job for you for your Magento website design India project.

Why is SearchAWish the best option for Magento Development?

SearchAWish has made a name for Magento ecommerce India services over the past decade. We provide 360-degree ecommerce store development through Magento’s platform and deliver the promised work within the deadline. With easy-going features of Magento, our Magento development services India provide profitable solutions for our beloved clients locally and globally. Our strategies help us build powerful websites with cutting edge technologies and skills. We provide a wide array of services including complete Magento development and customization.

What Do Our Magento Development Services Include?

SearchAWish is a Magento ecommerce development company India which offers well planned and cost effective services by utilizing our Magento experts India. The Magento ecommerce development India services that we offer are among the best available in the market today. Our Magento developers in India are experts in their field and they offer top-notch Magento development in India and Magento design India services. Our company has been rated as best in Magento development due to a wide range of benefits we deliver to our clients.

1. Unmatched Shopping Experience:

We are proud to enjoy a good reputation as a Magento website development company in India that provides the best back-end and front-end all round skills for improving clients’ revenues. That goal is achieved by providing a shopping experience to purchasers online through fully functional shopping stores. Our designs force users to purchase again and increase the website ranking.

2. Great Marketing Strategy:

Our Magento website development company India enhances the marketing capabilities of our clients. We apply analytical skills that help clients manage their websites easily.

3. Vast Industry Experienced:

SearchAWish has hundreds of satisfied and happy clients all across the globe. Our professional Magento developers are technically rich people who understand a deeper level of coding and development. They develop websites which are perfect for your needs from all angles.

4. Tremendously Skilled Workforce:

SearchAWish provides a true enterprise culture that is based on the motivation and reward for hard work. We never compromise on the deadlines and the highly skilled and dedicated developers are producing potent solutions on a regional and global level. They favor Magento platform for fastest results.

5. User-Friendly Ecommerce Development:

The best reason to choose SearchAwish is our ability to cater to the needs of your ecommerce design. We include the features that make your online store into a profit machine. The user-friendly development is able to retain and attract more customers. Customers become loyal when they are provided with merchandising tools and a customized colorful theme. SearchAWish meets the customer as well as we design needs.

6. Growing profits For Our Clients:

SearchAWish Magento development services give you an opportunity to surpass other competitors in your region or vicinity. We assist you to attract a large customer base on a global and local level. When customers become permanent users, they grow in numbers quickly. This allows us to make necessary changes and use Magento’s scalability feature to entertain a large number of customers.

7. Best Bug Resolving Service India:

Your existing ecommerce store may contain a lot of complex issues like unwanted bugs which you cannot handle without proper expertise. We use most modern Magento bug resolving service to effectively and permanently ensure smooth removal of bugs and a better functionality of your platform. Your technical impediments are analyzed by our competent team to make your code, plugins, and design free from any bugs.

8. Best Showcasing or Your Services and Products:

If your products and brand are showcased effectively on your online website, it will enhance your brand identity. We use the simplest methods for making you successful on the web at the lowest cost to suit your budget.

9. Best Quality Of Services:

If you are still not sure why you should hire our services, read out testimonials by our satisfied clients. They are always glad to get the quality they expected from us. Developing a good Magento website does not take months if you are hiring other developers in India. We believe in delivering in less time the complete solution with supreme quality.

10. Best Representation of Your Culture:

SearchAWish develops your solution by keeping in view your country’s specific culture and highlighting it in your ecommerce store. The Indian culture is also modernizing according to western standards; we consider small cultural differences well while developing your website so your customers can understand your culture.

11. Low-Cost Advantage:

The clients always demand the latest services at reasonable costs. The modern time of internet technology is changing the way businesses are done in the world. Now if you can get a solution in $500, then why spend thousands of dollars paying high per hour to other companies? SearchAWish does not charge a high per-hour rate from clients compared to similar other services in India.

12. We Guarantee Your Business Success:

The world-class experts of Magento provide you with both, scalability and profitability. Nothing can stop you from becoming a profitable business owner after hiring SearchAWish Magento development India. We understand that every client is unique and has a different business. We provide an approach to creativity and practical solutions for your business needs.

13. After Sales Support:

We provide excellent after-sales support to our all clients who are welcome during and after the development phase to resolve any new requirements with us.

Our clients rely and trust on our Magento web design India services through our dedicated professionals who are experts in the following services.

  • Magento Module Development
  • Complete Magento Customization India
  • Magento Themes Design Services
  • Complete Magento Integration
  • Magento Payment Gateway
  • Upgrading, Support and Maintenance Services
  • Re-designing and Remodeling
  • Content Development Services
  • Online Reports and listing of Catalogs
  • Multiple Payment Systems Development


In a nutshell, if you are looking for Magento development services India, then the good news for your business is that Magento ecommerce platform will transform your business into a profit machine. Magento has all these above features and awesome benefits that every businessman gets satisfaction from Magento development. For a serious retailer or an investor, the Magento in India should be your ultimate choice for investment in an ecommerce website.

Learning Magento development and joining a Magento web development company India is a profitable career ahead for the talented professionals. The newest trends in ecommerce need good Magento developers from India and across the world who can benefit from the entire market.

In India, hiring SearchAWish Magento development services will be helpful for retailers and website owners who want to get beyond satisfactory results. Our professionals will guide you towards a better website plan because they are true professionals. They will also render dedicated services keeping in mind your financial limits and budget. They will take your development needs more seriously than any other company. The key to your business success will heavily depend on the SearchAWish Magento development skills. Get maximum value from your investment with us and look nowhere else for finding the best Magento professionals in India.