SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of adding search engine friendly components into a website in order to improve its visibility on search engine result pages. As part of the improvement, a well-managed SEO campaign will carefully select relevant keywords for on-page optimization so the website becomes prominent for search engine algorithms.

There are primarily two basic areas of search engine optimization: on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization is about improvising elements that combine together to make a webpage. They include textual content, HTML code, and images. Off-page optimization mainly refers to the links from other relevant websites that direct to the site that it being optimized (also called backlinks).


There are three different types of search engine optimization techniques. It is important to have a clear idea of these types before you can get your website SEO optimized.

White Hat SEO:
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This is one of the most commonly applied types of search engine optimization. White Hat SEO uses such techniques and methods to boost the search engine rankings of a website which do not violate the guidelines of search engines. It uses techniques like link acquisition campaigns along with high-quality content, manual outreach and research, content development, and HTML restructuring and optimization. Choosing this method of search engine optimization can result in a gradual but steady and long-lasting improvement in your rankings.

Black Hat SEO:

In contrast to White Hat SEO, this is a type of SEO technique that in order to improve the rankings of websites, exploits the loopholes of the algorithms that search engines use to rank different sites. This type of SEO does not follow the SEO guidelines that the search engines set. Overall, the technique lacks wholesomeness because it makes use of link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden link, and hidden text. Choosing this method brings quick but short-lasting and unpredictable growth in ranking.

Grey Hat SEO:

This is another kind of SEO technique that differs from both the white-hat and the black-hat techniques for SEO. In this kind of SEO, elements from both the white-hat technique and the black-hat technique are combined according to the exact requirements of a website. This practice of grey-hat SEO enhances a site’s SEO performance drastically but it is not an in-depth approach (such as white-hat or black-hat) and hence, tends to be inefficient.

Importance of seo?

1. The Results are Low Cost (In Comparison to Adwords and PPC):

Organic listings are ideally free of cost. When you have a dedicated position at the top, you don’t have to pay per click or invest anything on advertising. This is one of the main advantages of search engine optimization. You just have to put a little money and effort and then sit back and watch your website getting more and more traffic consistently. In contrast to paid ads, the traffic does not drop to zero when it stops. This means that efficient search engine optimization will help you get rid of thousands of ads that you have to place across the web.

2. Definite Increase in Traffic:

You’ll see a significant increase in traffic with analytics and reporting tools. SEO is a well-tested way of maximizing the business efforts. When you start making your SEO efforts, you may not see the outcome immediately – the traffic increases quickly but at a steady rate. SEO services use tools to redirect traffic to your site, which means there will be more people visiting your site, hence boosting the sales.

3. Higher Brand Credibility, People Trust Google:

It is a common perception that the link that comes first up on Google is the most relevant and reliable. People trust that the company at the top is the most reputable, and that’s where you want to be. You want your site to become the brand name, the brand that competitors wish to beat. The lower you are on Google ranking, the more people are doubtful and skeptical about your products, brand, or website. If it is a top tier listing and your website has its spot right at the top with other subpages displayed below the main home page, it will automatically give you the credibility that no ad can beat. This is because many people install ad blockers on their browsers, and those who don’t, usually find them annoying.

4. Better ROI (Return on Investment) Than Normal Ads:

According to research, only 2% of the visitors convert into a sale when you buy 1000 of them from a paid ad. However, when you get 1000 clicks using SEO, you get a better return on investment as 4% of them tend to convert into a sale. This higher rate of conversion is one of the biggest reasons why SEO can never be compared with other forms of marketing. Google brings you users who search for a tag in your website, which means that the visitors on your website are there because they are actually looking for you or your product. On the other hand, ads may or may not bring more relevant people, as many times people mistakenly click on ads. This means that a hit from Google is more beneficial for your site than a hit from an advertisement.

5. Your Competitors Are Doing It:

Search engine optimization is a rising field and it has become extremely popular now. People are not starting to realize and understand the numerous benefits it provides; those people can be your competitors too. They realize the importance of SEO and they are starting to take advantage of it. This means that they will appear on Google before you and receive the hits that lead to sales while you are trying to market your website in other ways. Your site won’t get the sales you want even if you offer better prices and services because the number of viewing it is much lesser. To avoid this situation, investing in a skilled SEO staff or hiring a dedicated SEO company India is exactly what your website needs in order to rank above all the competitors in search engine rankings.

6. Take Your Business to the Next Level:

By using SEO, you can have thousands of visitors on your website every day. For this reason, you may have to expand your company to have a larger web server in order to accommodate the increased traffic and sales on your site. Some customers may also suggest you a service or product that they were searching when they landed on your website. This means there will be numerous reasons and opportunities for you to take your business to a whole new level. SEO has the ability to boost even the smallest of businesses.

7. 250 Million Websites on the Web, SEO Makes You Stand Out:

The number of websites on the web now exceeds 250 million, and it can be pretty difficult to make a name for yourself among so many sites. This can be even harder if you have many competitors. When you use SEO, your company will stand out from the rest and it’ll give you the edge you need to increase your sales.

8. 60% of Clicks Go to the First Result:

On any search engine, about 60% of the people who make a particular search, click on the site that comes on the top. This means that only 40% of the people are left to visit the second to the millionth website. Therefore, it is important for you to implement SEO and secure that position for yourself. SEO will potentially give you millions of sales for a small upfront investment only. It will give you the top spot, directing thousands of users to your website.

9. You’ll Have Access to Data:

Obtaining customer data can be one of the most helpful things for your site to grow. When you look at keyword data and see what people are searching for, you can take an idea of some new products that you may launch. You can also take advantage of this data by finding a high search volume keyword that has lower competitiveness. Even though doing this can be difficult, it has the potential of bringing thousands of sales per month. This data is extremely important for your business and can be easily obtained by the correct tools. When you manipulate customer data for your advantage, you take the exact steps that your business needs in order to grow exponentially.

10. The Results are Permanent:

Unlike advertisements that give you temporary results, SEO has a permanent effect on your website. The traffic that comes on your website through ads can stop once you stop paying for them. You will have to make a constant effort to maintain your position at the top of search engine results, but once you’re there, you can benefit from it for a very long time.

Why outsource seo to India?

A common question that is asked by most of our clients is “Why India?” There are several developing countries that work can be outsourced to but India is the best amongst all of these. This is because outsourcing to India is not only economical but it offers high-quality results as well. The SEO services India are, by far, the best amongst all developing countries. The best SEO Company in India, Search A Wish, offer all the premium services that SEO companies from all around the world do but with a much more economical pricing plan. Without going further, let us take a look at why you would outsource SEO to a search engine optimization company in India:

  • Work ethics:

    One of the main reasons for choosing India for outsourcing search engine optimization services India is because of the reliability and work ethics of the labor there. The SEO firms that are working in India are well known for meeting all requirements and standards of work that are decided at the time of assignment. There is no delay in delivery, no missing content, and no gap in communication. Outsourcing to India is a seamless and effective solution to all your SEO requirements – all you need to do is to choose the right SEO firm such as SearchAWish!

  • English Proficiency:

    SEO is directly linked with the content on a website. This means that if you are looking for high traffic on your website, you need well-written, optimized content. This is why English proficiency is an essential skill that is necessary for search engine optimization. Sadly though, most developing countries are not as proficient in the English language as Indians are. This is because a high percentage of the Indian IT labor has a qualification of a Bachelor’s degree at least. This is one of the primary reasons why search engine optimization India is the best among developing countries.

  • Flexibility:

    Another benefit that you gain by outsourcing your work to India is flexibility in terms of time and budget. It is highly likely that you will be in a different time zone than the one in India. This means that all your work will be carried out in timings when you are not available. Eventually, this would mean that the work will be delivered to you within your own office hours that allows you to thoroughly go through the submitted content. You can notify the SEO firm or freelancer about all the changes that need to be made all together to ensure a more efficiently and productive workflow.

  • Cost effective:

    One of the most obvious and key benefits of outsourcing SEO work is the cost effectiveness. If you are on a budget and are looking for high-quality services at incredible rates then outsourcing to India is the best option for you. Why work with expensive firms in your locality when you can get the same standard of work done at a much more reasonable price by outsourcing it to India? According to Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, you can save as much as 80% on your SEO projects by outsourcing your work to countries such as India! This shows how drastically you can reduce the costs for your website by outsourcing your work to India. The best part is that there are no compromises on quality either so it is a win-win situation.

What services do we offer?

We offer a variety of search engine optimization services to provide you perfect solutions for many different deficiencies and ranking issues. We provide our clients one, or a combination of the below-mentioned services, depending upon the goals they have for their website.

Website SEO Audit:

A SEO audit can come in many different levels in terms of complexity and detail. An uncomplicated website audit can be based on just a few pages. This simple audit will focus the on-page issues on your website such as lack of content and missing titles. Opposed to that, a more comprehensive and detailed website search engine optimization audit will be dozens of pages long. For larger websites having more features and functionalities, the SEO audit will comprise of more than a hundred pages. This audit will pinpoint even the most minor elements of the website which can have a significant effect on the search engine ranking of your site.

On-Page SEO:

On-site or on-page SEO refers to the search engine optimization techniques that are implemented to cater the potential issues and problems that an SEO audit is unable to cover. A SEO package is never good enough if it does not contain on-page search engine optimization. This is because it covers many primary yet essential elements on your website including headings, page titles, internal link structure, content organization, and the content itself.

There are both, simple and comprehensive website SEO audit services when it comes to on-page SEO. A primary on-page optimization campaign will be a basic, one-time project which will contain some recommendations based on an audit and the ways of implementing them on the site. This category of on-page optimization would focus on the home page and some other important elements on your website. A more comprehensive type of on-page optimization will be based on the findings of a thorough and elaborate website SEO audit, and use the results to direct ongoing updates to the on-page SEO.

Link Development (Link Building):

Link building is that part of search engine optimization that has been talked and written about most often and has brought a lot of controversies to the SEO industry. For any search engine campaign, one of the most essential components is the backlinks. However, link building is also one of the most time consuming and expensive processes involved with search engine optimization. SearchAWish, a SEO company in India, offers authentic link development services that guarantee good quality, high traffic links. These high-quality links attract numerous potential customers to your website that eventually leads to increased revenue for your business. Our impressive volume of directory submissions with spam and broken link detection automatically take care of the backlinks available on your website for best results. We are not an organization that offers massive volumes of links for affordable prices. Instead, we focus more on high-quality, well-researched link development that is worth as much as a thousand directory submissions. Our prices are competitive and our link development process is thorough and reliable. If you are looking for affordable SEO services company India, particularly one that can establish a strong backlinks network for your website then SearchAWish is the right choice for you.

SEO Content Writing:

Another important part of SEO is the content that goes into a website. Poorly written, fluff content that is stuffed with keywords is not the way to go with search engine optimization. Search engines such as Google have evolved significantly in the past few years and now they focus more on indexing websites that have high-quality, informative content rather than fluff content that is filled with keywords. There are numerous factors that contribute to SEO content writing. These include keyword density, quality of writing, and strategic placement of keywords in the writing. The content on a website should not only contain the right keywords but it should also be well-researched, informative, and interesting to read for the audience.

Content writing is a subsidiary service that we offer as part of our SEO services. Note that we do not focus on SEO content but instead we focus on providing you with well-written, high-quality content that contains the right words in the right place. Our analytics help us strategically place the right keywords in the content to ensure high search engine rankings.

Code Optimization:

The highest level of search engine optimization is through code optimization. This process involves reading, editing, and reformatting the frontend and backend code of your website. The process involves the reduction of code clusters into simple, easy-to-understand (for the machine) blocks of code. It also involves rewriting code according to the standard that has been set by search engines. SearchAWish includes code optimization in its SEO process and ensures that your website incorporates all the elements that are necessary for high ranking in search engines.

Why is Search A Wish the best for search engine optimization?

SearchAWish is a premium web development and web design company that is an India-Australia based organization. If you are looking for the perfect solution to your website then there is nothing more suitable than the services offered by SearchAWish. From building your organization’s website from scratch to optimizing the content on it for search engines, SearchAWish has everything on offer for you at incredible prices.

If you are looking for SEO expert India, SEO consultant India, and SEO packages India then there are none better than those offered by the SEO Agency India, SearchAWish.

Here are some of the main reasons as to why SearchAWish is the best SEO services India:

  • Experience:

    The team of professionals here at SearchAWish have a vast experience of search engine optimization which gives us an edge over all our competition. We have worked with an entire variety of websites in the past which allows us to produce SEO content that flows perfectly with your website’s theme. Our experience guarantees high-traffic and enhanced search engine indexing for your website.

  • Transparency:

    Unlike most firms, we are not fans of keeping secrets from our clients. SEO is a complex discipline that requires a number of variables to be considered. The art is incomplete without insight from the clients themselves. This is why our entire SEO process is a 100% transparent with all project management data and activities available to you at all times. This ensures that you know what is happening, how it is happening, and when it is happening to guarantee satisfaction. Nothing is more valuable to us than your opinion and we always ensure that everything is done exactly the way you want it to be done.

  • No Long-Term Contracts:

    One of the most common problems that most people have with SEO firm India is the long and tedious contracts that have to be signed. Not only does this mean that you will have to stick with their services for the entire tenure but it also means that you will have to pay them the handsome amount of money that is part of the agreed contract. Recognizing this, we have taken an initiative to offer contract-free services to our clients. Each project that you undertake with us will be restricted to the domain of a single project or service acquisition only. Pay for what you need, nothing less, and nothing more!

  • High-quality SEO services:

    We are not entirely focused on providing content optimization for boosting search engine rankings. Instead, we have the entire range of SEO services at your disposal. Keyword research, directory submission, metatag utilization, authentic and high-traffic backlinks, content development with required keyword density, and continuous monitoring of your website’s search engine performance are all services that come under our SEO package. We provide an in-depth SEO analysis of your website and compare it with the leading websites from your niche to recommend the best possible solution for optimizing your website. Through our barrage of high-quality SEO services, we ensure that your website is the top ranked website among all search engines!

  • Economical:

    According to our clients, the highlight of our SEO services is the supreme value for money that we have to offer. To put it very simply, we do not overcharge you for the services that we provide. All our packages and pricing plans are made while keeping the customers in mind to ensure best prices. Having said this, we do not compromise on the quality of the work to be delivered under any circumstance. You get premium quality work for incredibly low prices which is, as we believe, our main point of attraction! Based out of India, we utilize our resources to offer you cheap SEO services India.

After the process of building and designing a website is complete, the next step is to ensure that it stands out from all the rest of its competition. For this purpose, you need to make sure that your website is ranked highly amongst search engines. When a user searches for anything related to your brand online, your website’s link should be a top result and that is what search engine optimization (SEO) is for. There are numerous techniques and features that contribute to good search engine optimization. The SEO services offered by SearchAWish is one of the most comprehensive and economical services that you will find in the market today. So, if you are looking for SEO services in India then SearchAWish is a formidable option for you. It is inarguably the top SEO Company in India due to its reliable SEO services and incredible pricing plans. We provide you with features such as high-quality link building, code optimization, and content optimization at the most affordable rates available in the market today!