A website you can be proud of…

It won’t be wrong to claim that a compliant web development is essential for any web based business to reach the ultimatum of success. Search A Wish is that pioneering website design company in Jaipur developing websites, which make you proud being its owners. We assure our developments take the top position in your testimony.

We develop the sites which are interactive, user-friendly, and attractive at the same time.

Our designs ensure that the site flaunts actual intentions (or the features that the client wants to be seen by the visitors) of the client in the most appealing fashion. For example, if it’s a business website, we ensure your best offers or products get showcased upfront, which keep you ahead of the competitors. At the same time, we make sure it looks unique and extremely a stylish.

What makes us the most distinguishing for our clients is the fact that we offer them complete control over the site. Our customized designs with high-end plug-ins ensure that a user can change design, layout, color, etc anytime he looks for. Interestingly, such changes can be introduced by anyone; no matter he knows how to write codes or not.

Web Design Services we offer :

web design company in jaipur

Website Design:

Search Wish, being a prominent web design company Jaipur, promises you whole range of web designing solution at one place.  Well, our testimony perfectly depicts about how efficient we are on this matter. You can find many high profile clients or brands there (in our testimony) expressing their satisfaction regarding interactive website design.

We design the sites, which are both user-friendly and device-friendly at the same time. Our engineers ensure that the layout of a page perfectly fits the display, irrespective of the device. Moreover, we emphasize timely accomplishment of the jobs, as much as we emphasize the qualitative concerns.

Ecommerce Design

This leading Jaipur web designing company offers customized .Net and PHP development services for ecommerce (and all other services). The high-end applications make the challenging aspects of ecommerce web site handling look unbelievably easy and simpler.

The company is known for its high-end open source ecommerce development ability at minimal budget possible. It’s unbelievably easy despite being feature rich; all you need is to install, put the products and start your business.

Search Wish is a leading name for web design Jaipur. Here we serve all-out designing needs of the customers. Our professionals are extremely experienced and updated about latest advancements of XHTML/CSS.

They play with ultimate coding standards of XHTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax, etc for delivering the best quality and user-experience to the clients. Through the process, we have been able in presenting the most creative and intuitive layout each time for the clients.

There are many who prefer Magento as their platform for ecommerce needs. Powered by an efficient team of experienced service providers, Search Web has been able in delivering effective solutions, irrespective of its platform.

Our designer team is equally efficient as well that operates in co-ordination with the development team to offer designs according to the development platform.

Logo Design

A creative logo can multiply your brand popularity in no time. However, you need the most creative logo designer in Jaipur, which Search Wish is prospered with. Our logo designers are blessed with creativity that can take your business to a new high. We understand it well that creative logo or icon designing is one the tricky aspects in web designing, and we have got mastery in it. Our designs are creative enough to effortlessly attract the attention of a user. We make sure the icon for your brand looks refreshing, upgraded, catchy, and moreover, should perfectly depict the brand.

Print Design

Print advertisements are quite essential for the success of a modern day business; especially for a web-based endeavour. However, print ads are indeed the trickiest ways of web promotion than others. Being a prominent website designer in Jaipur, Search Wish has set an altogether different standard regarding print ad design. Our designs are much ahead of the conventional posters, as we have employed a special team of professionals who are dedicated in discovering latest designs. This is the reason that each of our design is unique and one of its kind. You can check our samples to realise the claim.

What does our website package include?

Domain Name:

Domain names shouldn’t be understood simply as a web address. It’s important for a modern day web-entrepreneur to have a strategic and search engine friendly domain name. Moreover, it’s not as easy as it is perceived to find the desired domain name in modern day competitive scenario. However, this is never a concern if Search Wish takes the responsibility. Being an experienced web designing company in Jaipur, we assure you the most effective domain name that can be search-engine friendly, easy-to-remember and interesting at the same time.

Unlimited Hosting

As explained above, Search Wish is a one-stop-solution for whole range of web design in Jaipur. At the same time delivering the best design, we take care of your whole hosting responsibility as well. Making things interesting, our web designing package includes unlimited hosting for the client. In a ruthless competitive scenario of modern time, your website should appear. A technical fault even for few minutes can keep you behind the competitors.

Search Wish keeps you relaxed on this matter through its dedicated server enriched with high-end technicalities and resources. We offer the maximum with hosting package (infinite) and its bandwidth. Our clients enjoy infinite resources for their hosting products.

Well, Search Wish serves share hosting as well if the client wishes so. Anyway, being a resourced house for web designing company in Jaipur, Search Wish promises to afford you infinite; be it about FTP, bandwidth, storage, etc. All that you need is simply to host through us.

Professional Logo:

An appealing, professionally made logo can effortlessly drag huge attention towards a product/business. We at Search Wish are enriched with the due resource and technicality to deliver you the professional logo that can perfectly depict the impact of your brand.

Custom Design

Search Wish has earned the reputation of best web designer in Jaipur as the customized solution that a client can expect from here is simply of unmatched quality. We add features so that the client can change its layout, font, color, logo, etc, in a playful way (without any technical expertise). Moreover, the designs are specifically designed to meet the specific business requirements, be it about fulfilling SEO standards, or achieving the dream conversion rate.

If it’s an ecommerce site, we deliver the most compelling and organized design for you. Our ecommerce designs feature best shopping cart and checkout process. Apart from this, we offer the following customized ecommerce solution, which keeps us way ahead of the competitors.

Your visitors can add their items in to the cart, and keep on shopping. They can check how many products are there and the cart details.

Similarly, for the official websites or bloggers, Search Wish has been the most preferred web designer in Jaipur. We hold the expertise in whole range of CMS development and design to ensure ultimate satisfaction of the user.

Unlimited Pages:

Search Wish always delivers all-inclusive solutions. Here we want to ensure that the initial investment made by the investor becomes the final one. It is here to note that Search Wish web designing package includes unlimited page addition feature. Moreover, here we design the pages in an absolutely mobile- friendly or interactive fashion to be efficiently available for the potential customers.

Content Management System

When it comes about CMS designing, Search Wish leaves it completely about the user’s preference. Well, being the most resourced web designer company in Jaipur, we are enriched with professionals and technicalities to deliver the best outcome for all platforms, starting from WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc. We ensure the following features while designing CMS for you.

  • It comes with customized features, exactly as the client wishes. The client must be able in bringing changes as he/she wishes, without writing a single code.
  • It makes things faster.
  • There are the multilingual or translation features, in an automated fashion.
  • The client can easily check through its blog’s performance, performance of each post, SEO, etc, from backend.
  • High-end features for image/video upload, edit, etc.
Unlimited Email Addresses

Search Wish has been one of the most trustworthy and dependable web designers in Jaipur. Making things interesting for the offices or business groups, Search Wish offers unlimited Email addresses for its client, under the same package.

Transitional Slideshows

The entire game of web is dependent on how well you manage to showcase your product, offer or information. Everyone wants to come up with a comparatively smarter idea on this regard, in comparison to its rivals. Transitional slideshow is indeed one of the smart ways of representation as talked above. However, the combination of technicality and creativity has to be flawless for the best outcome on this regard. Search A Wish being one of the most resourced names for web designing company in Jaipur, can definitely promise the best outcome as mentioned above. Stylish and professional front-end designs with sleek interfaces can be well evident through our testimonies for transitional slideshows. We make it even enchanting through comprehensible navigation, designer showcases, trendy quoting ways, etc.  Being one of the most experienced web designers in Jaipur, we have the best answers for transitional slideshows, be it about portfolio, data/product portfolio, thumbnails, or anything customized. Making things perfectly customized, we offer the clients the option whether they want it automatic or like the conventional click-slider. You can share all other factors as well, be it about border, color, button, or anything else.

Unlimited support and help

We believe in client relationship. Our ethics has been to ensure utmost satisfaction of the client. And, we make our support team ready 24 x 7 on this regard. You can make queries regarding any of your doubt, be it technical or non-technical. Our customer support professionals passionately solve all of them, no matter how fundamental it is. We explain about each of the back-end features and how to play with it. Starting from blog posting, product addition to image edit, we help you for both technical and non-technical aspects.

What does our ecommerce website package include?
  • Customized product search delivers exact output to the searching visitor.
  • Customer can open their own account for better convenience.
  • One can check complete history of orders made, shipping detail, etc.
  • Interesting gift package feature and other improved gifting feature to attract customers.
  • The client can customize the shipping section, be it about adding shipping options or deleting.
  • The clients can have customized report about the total number of product sales, gross sale, profit, loss, etc.

Jaipur Web Design Company –

Anyone looking for a smart web designing company in Jaipur can ensure utmost satisfaction at Search Wish.  Here we offer cutting-edge solutions, which are simple and convey your intentions better than anyone else. We design websites that lures users to browse through.

Being a premiere name for web design Jaipur, here we design websites with easiest navigation facility. Our designs are such that can be effective for both the standard Google users, as well as the experts. As mentioned above, a visitor can feel that our site is as sleek as the flow of water.

But more than just any Jaipur web design company –

What makes us the most distinguishing is our ability to offer best business solutions, at the same fulfilling basic web designing needs. Our team of web experts is always aware of the latest business trends over the web. Our business-friendly designs have taken many businesses to the ultimate height of success from very ground level.

Working in thorough coordination with the search engine masters, we guarantee you the most intuitive design to fulfill your passion. No worries if you are absolutely new. Our customized design allows you to handle everything from a single platform. We make the designs extensively user-friendly so that one doesn’t need to contact the web designer every time for basic changes. We offer you an all-encompassing dashboard that enables you in bringing any change in your desired way, starting from post lay-out, pictures to text patterns.

Why Choose Search A Wish for your website project…..

We are affordable

Search A Wish understands it well that offering things at minimal budget is equally important as of quality. Our experienced marketing team thus designs most attractive service packages with customized solutions that has been challenging for the competitors. Moreover, our customer service team stays 24 x 7 alive to help you immediately, at any time.

No matter how fundamental doubt you come up with, our customer team has the due patience to solve those. In addition, you can connect to us any time for any upgrade of service. In fact, as a resourced web designer Jaipur, we can dedicate an entire team of coders for your requirements.

Available 24/7

Our customer service team stays 24 x 7 alive to help you immediately, at any time. No matter how fundamental doubt you come up with, our customer team has the due patience to solve those. In addition, you can connect to us any time for any upgrade of service. In fact, as a resourced web designing company Jaipur, we can dedicate an entire team of coders for your requirements.

We focus on perfection

When it comes about safety or keeping customer details under wraps, Search Wish has grabbed commendations even from the top international clients. This leading web designing company in Jaipur has been coming with the most upgraded payment gateway integration. Such upgraded solutions make transactions fast, smooth and completely trouble free for the customers.

One stop shop

Starting from basic websites, corporate sites, user interface design, template, graphic rich design, explicit graphic design, logos, flash, to templates, we have mastered in each of the mentioned aspect.

Our professionals play with ultimate coding standards of XHTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax, etc for delivering the best quality and user-experience to the clients. Through the process, we have been able in presenting the most creative and intuitive layout each time for the clients.

There are many who prefer Magento as their platform for ecommerce needs. Powered by an efficient team of experienced service providers, Search Web has been able in delivering effective solutions, irrespective of its platform.

Our designer team is equally efficient as well that operates in co-ordination with the development team to offer designs according to the development platform.

15+ years of excellence in Web designing

Search Wish’s confidence is its immense experience. It’s more than 15 years of close association with the industry that has enabled us in sitting at the top position. We bank on this experience and utilize the same for maximum enhancement of your product, hence our own progress.

No contracts or hidden fees

As we always say, we believe in customer relationship, rather than seeing them as just business clients. We deliver exactly as promised in our packages. There is no chance of any hidden fees or tricky contracts as most of the key features we offer are unlimited. Moreover, you can call anytime for any query, and we don’t charge anything for that. All these are the reasons that Search Wish has managed to be most trustworthy web designer in Jaipur.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are not satisfied until the client is 100% satisfied. And, being a reputed web designer Jaipur, we are very serious about this. On this context, we send daily updates about the work progress and assure the client is satisfied about the process. We showcase them the final presentation on the day of delivery, explaining about each of the features or ensuring each component of the product functions well. Moreover, the customer team is always there 24 x 7 to help in all possible ways.

We stick to your deadlines

It is here to mention that Search Wish hasn’t received even a single complain of late delivery throughout its journey of 15+ years. Client may call this as our specialty, but we consider this as our responsibility. Search Wish is referred as the most resourced house for web development in Jaipur, powered by high-end technicalities and extensive manpower support. More than that, our experienced project managers and team leaders know it well on how to make the most of the resources talked above.

We work fast (but we don’t rush)

We believe in the quote that says “success happens when hard work meets smart work”. It’s the strategic approach towards a project that enables us in completing the projects well prior to stipulated deadline. There is no scarcity of talented manpower, which ensure that the work is finished in time without any rush or compromising the quality in anyway.

No shortcuts, no cheap tricks.

Reputation has been the biggest asset for Search Wish. We understand it well that to maintain the reputation we have earned, the only way available is to be uncompromised about quality and deadline. It’s not rare these days to find companies who use different website builder tools to meet deadlines or to minimise manpower requirement. Such people don’t mind qualitative degradation or lack of uniqueness. However, as mentioned above, Search Wish is the most resourced web developer in Jaipur with immense experience and resource. Moreover, we select people those who enjoy their work. In short, there is no chance of shortcuts, but pure uniqueness.

Our Web Design Process

It’s not all about coding skills or technicalities always. An organization needs strategic utilization of manpower for successful execution of a project. Search Wish being a renowned web design company Jaipur understands this fact better than anyone else. Blessed with an experienced, creative and enthusiastic team of coders, we understand it well on what does it take to meet the client expectation in minimal time and budget.


We first go through the client demands, understand their business and propose our sample lay-out. It thus makes things easy for the client to suggest the customized features they want with the particular sample.

Well, we welcome it if the client comes itself with any specific design and want us simply to replicate it. Such business attitudes make us the most flexible centres to fulfil the needs of web design in Jaipur.


Credit goes to our experienced coders who even think and talk in codes like XHTML or CSS. So, once a proposal is finalised, the work is distributed among the designers, developers and creative team.


It’s the combined effort of designing and development team that has made Search Wish the most trusted house for web development in Jaipur. Team of Development working in coordination with the team of designers makes it easy to fine-tune a feature (if necessary) or to change it completely.


We believe in regular testing. Team leaders present testing report or showcase practically to the project managers, ensuring each feature works really well. Once it is approved by the manager, it is then reported to the client each day. Through the process, we offer the client the opportunity to express about any changes (if he wishes so). And, a final go-live of the project is conducted in presence of the client before the final delivery.


Finally, as the client shows complete satisfaction regarding the design/development, we deliver him the final product. Well, we are still flexible if the client wishes for any change, even at this point.