Web development in a lay man’s term refers to the process of building websites, creating its content and features and maintaining the website afterwards. All these tasks are done by a professional web developer who is qualified in the computer languages and is creative enough to make a good and interactive website. Web development in technical terms is a broad term encasing the jobs of creating, coding and building of the underlying framework of a website and other associated applications.  Search A Wish is a website development company in Jaipur, India that offers the design and web development services in India as well as many other countries around the globe like USA, UK, and Australia. Although you probably have heard of us for the very first time, however, we can claim to provide you the best of services according to your requirements.

Search a Wish Web Development Services:

As a web design and development company in India, Search A Wish is well aware of the challenges that arise during the web development and are able to provide solutions to fix those challenges keeping up our standards and expertise. The team on board knows their job well enough to build a customized website for your business which would match the requirements criteria of your business and propagate a positive image of your business to your clients.

website development in india

At Search A Wish, we offer both, professional web development and web design services to enhance the value of your business. We are ardent, innovative, devoted team collaborating quality designs with most effective Web-Solutions. We are easy-going, flexible, and instant, and our team loves the opportunities of the IT and what it can do for your business by adding value.

We are concentrated on the technologies we are expert at, to offer quality deliverables to our clients. We use an Agile, open source software development methods, newest web development tools and expertise in providing web solutions as well as services. Our chief goal is to gain your trust in our capability to offer you with the uppermost conceivable level of services to attain brilliance.

We are an outstanding IT company based in India, with many years of experience in web development niche. Our main specializations are open source web development, design, and outsourcing services. Our company also provides these services around the Globe (USA, Australia, and in UK), constantly effectively working on short-terms as well as the long-terms projects.

We have extended our assistances and make the most use of progressing technology developments to better assist our clienteles, right from the beginning. With our skilled team, gigantic portfolio, and recognized delivery methodology, we work with clienteles to attain the best suitable thing between technologies and their profession.

Likewise, we are expert in offering custom web application developing solutions to big, established enterprises to small startup firms for their custom trade requirements. As every industry has its own custom needs which are not achieved by readymade web solution providers. Furthermore, we aid our clients to shift current web applications to new tools/technology. At Search a wish, we intensely consider that every trade has its specific, exclusive needs, therefore it requires customized solutions.

We build and integrate an extensive range of customized commerce solutions. We have an outstanding understanding of custom databases driven web development and numerous custom made software segments and web projects’ programming.

We build sites with SEO in mind! Our reasonable price, constant professionalism, and an individual methodology to each customer make us the greatest choice for all types of custom development of web application services as well as the development of online e-commerce application. We strive hard to provide cost-effective expertise and development services to all of our clienteles by ensuring use of finest project management rehearses to provide on-time with top-notch quality deliverables.

Being one of the leading web development companies in India, Search a Wish, caters to all such services required for developing a web site.

  • Client liaison: Search a Wish fully explores the needs and requirements of its clients and work towards complying with their expectations and difficulties.
  • Client-side scripting: Client side scripting we provide is easy to access and navigate.
  • Server side scripting: Search a Wish provides server side scripting which is efficient and customized.
  • Web server configuration: Our fool proof web server configuration makes our product attractive and reliable.
  • Network security configuration: Our products are fully secured and reliable. We provide proper network security configurations required against any challenges in the cyber world.
  • E-commerce development: Search a Wish is able to handle bigger e-commerce sites as well with thousands of pages and loads of web development challenges.

We at Search a Wish, a specialized web development company India; provide our maximum knowledge and skill to satisfy our customers. Whether you require a web site for the Internet or intranet, Search a Wish, applies holistic approach towards your requirement. We know the challenges involved in each type of website development. Also we are well aware of the latest trends in the website development and the modern technology and applications used in building websites. Therefore we are skilled enough to handle the tasks given to us in a manner in accordance with the modern trends and technology and also in accordance to the client’s demands. We believe in client satisfaction and brain storming so the product developed is exemplary.

What makes us Different?

Web development services India are in accordance with the international standards in this particular field. Web developers India thus perform the duties with the equal amount of enthusiasm and skill as the web developers around the world are expected to do.

We at Search a Wish make sure that the developers we hire for our business are equally skillful and innovative in their work. What makes our web developers different from the rest are their quality of work and what makes us different from the rest is our services which include:

  • Innovative Graphic designing
  • Interactive web development
  • Building of suitable and relevant information architecture
  • SEO based customized copy writing for the website
  • Accessible and usable SEO based web development
  • Rapid Mobile responsiveness

The web development services we provide include these typical aspects however, this list of tasks may further include all client side and server side aspects. Client side coding in web development refers to layout and design, and server side coding includes the website’s functionality and back-end systems. Search a Wish intends to meet the requirements of its clients fully. Products are thoroughly tested by our professional web developers in India before handing over to the clients.

How Do We Work?

Search a wish Web development service warmly welcomes orders from within India and worldwide. Our extensive portfolio is enriched with high profile companies and names in businesses & IT industry. Our efficient work-stream makes it possible for us to cater to a wide range of customers, with a variety of service requirements. Each client is treated as our most valued and special client.

Our way of working is analytical and systematic.

Accepting Orders

We accept online quotations through our web portal. You can click the Quotation tab on our home page and place an order with us. One of our efficient team of customer services representatives will respond to your quotation promptly and forward your orders.

Studying Requirements

We being with a thorough study of your requirement based on your orders. We put in a great deal of time and effort in analyzing your order so that our services are precisely according to your needs.

Consultation with Client

One of the most important steps in developing a website for our clients is consultation with the client. We are keen to listen to your requirements and ensure that we understand the brief, before we start working on your web page.

Custom Made Solution

Following the consultative meetings, we put our best developers, with the most suitable skillset to your requirements, to the task. We believe that each product is unique and must be given individual attention. Therefore, specialized developers are tasked with developing different websites.

Budget Optimization

After detailed cost benefit analysis, we optimize the product costs staying within our clients’ budgets. This ensures provision of maximized value for your money with the finest quality product.

Client Approval

Within the given time frame, we develop the initial product for the approval of our client. Care is taken that the product in completely in line with the philosophy and uniqueness of our client’s requirements and presented for client approvals.

Adjustments & revisions

We at Search a wish ensure your maximum satisfaction with our services. Any changes, revisions, edits or adjustments desired are promptly addressed and a revised product in presented in the minimum possible time.

Product Testing

Once the product is client approved and adjusted to their needs; we put it to test. Product testing is done in-house and monitored by experts for any glitches or shortcomings. Any issues that surface are resolved before the final product is handed over to client.

Finalization of product

After thorough testing, clients are presented with the final version of the product.

Languages we use for Web Development

Web development needs a proficiency in programming languages. At Search a Wish we have experts in the following languages.

  1. JavaScript: We have the technically qualified team of Java Script on board. JavaScript programming although is only a web development language that is generally not considered part of web design but the best part is that JavaScript is accepted and supported by all major browsers without the need of any compilers or plug-ins.
  2. Java: Along with JavaScript Java language is the most demanded language that also acts as a standard platform for enterprises and several mobile and games developers across the world.
  3. Python: Our competent Python Programmers make it possible for you to design popular and interactive websites like Rdio, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  4. CSS: We create visually attractive websites using CSS that supports XML documents, SVG documents as well as XUL documents.
  5. PHP:Search a wish employs PHP as a general-purpose programming platform. We venture in the realm of social and interactive websites like  with proficient PHP developers

Search a Wish experts are also able to use many pother different languages where need arise. Other languages used for web development include Ruby, C++, C, C#, Objective C, R, VimL, Go, and Perl.

Maintenance and Updating a Website:

A web developer may also be given the responsibility of maintaining a website and updating it from time to time. This job is of more importance in case of a dynamic website. A dynamic website is a website that runs on real time. Dynamic websites are easier to maintain than the static websites. Static pages are the pages with unique content; they have to be manually opened if you need to edit them. Then after editing they need to be published whenever a change is made. On the contrary, Dynamic pages contain information that is on a database. In order to alter the content of a dynamic page, the webmaster may only update a database record and the changes are made. Larger websites that contain hundreds or more pages are thus usually dynamic ones so that they can be easily maintained.

Updating a website is also a great task. Websites like blogs need continuous updating. For that purpose a web developer has to use the blogging websites.

Search a Wish, however, offers customized solutions to its clients. The client’s requirements are kept in mind and hence a static or a dynamic website is built for them according to their preferences. In case someone is not willing to have a dynamic website, our web developers are equally proficient in making and maintaining the static websites.

Why Choose Search A Wish For Web Development?

Anyone who wishes to have a website, they can either look around them or run a search on internet about the best web development company India.  One of the hundreds of Web development companies in India can be asked to handle your task from far away as this business does not require any location based criteria. You ask the company online for the task and they hand over you your required job done to excellence. It is really like a wish come true. Search a Wish happens to be such a well-wisher for your business.

Expert Resource

Search a Wish, the professional web development company in India, is fortunate to have on board, some of the learned and well educated best web developers in India.  Our hiring process filters some of the best website developers in India to become a part of our team.

Serving Worldwide

India is among the developing countries which are making their way in the technology industry really fast. Top web development companies in India are serving clients from different parts of the world. Best website developers in India are working for them and they have clients not only from India based businesses but from abroad too. Search a Wish is also among such professional businesses.

Premium Services for a Variety of Businesses

We also serve a wide range of clients, associated with various types of businesses and are known to our clients as best website Development Company in India already whereas; we aspire to become the top web development company in India.

Design and Development

Web design and development industry has been continuously growing. The web development now has gone far up from the basic web production. We provide designing and development services and use still graphics, animated graphics to design websites while the advent of 3 D technology of VRML (Virtual Reality Mark-up Land page) has made web development more interesting.

Cost Effective

Moreover, over time the cost of developing a website has become very cheap as well.  Even with only 5% of Indian population that has access to internet, Web development industry has flourished remarkably in India and today India has achieved a ranking among the top most countries/markets in web development industry & IT services.

Creativity and Innovation

Although many companies are starting off in the business but they are giving all their effort and knowledge to the industry and pushing the cart of the web design and development India constantly uphill. This is why many clients from different parts of the world are not only hiring but also admiring the website developers in India. Being the starters they usually are equipped with most modern technology in the field and have creative ideas.

Young but competent Team

The website developer India or the website builder in India is mostly young and energetic and this may be their comparative advantage over many others. Search a Wish also wish to produce best results for its clients and do not let their customers go unsatisfied.

Building Relationships with Clients

Before every project complete understanding is strived for so that loopholes may be minimized in the final product. Our clients are supposed to be our long term partners and we wish to build the relationship on trust and quality of work rather than any contract or legal bindings.

Client Satisfaction

Search a Wish tries it Level best to satisfy its clients. The product we build is fully tested by our testers and then provided to the client. Our focus is the satisfaction of client. Thus only when the client approves of the final product, only then do we hand over the product to them. Even after that if a problem arises we are ready to extend our services to our clients.

State of the Art Equipment

The first and foremost reason for our success is the state of the art programming and development services we are providing. Being in the field for a long time, our company knows what it takes to be a designing firm and we complete our tasks with passion and loyalty. Our loyalty and friendly dealing abilities have made our firm a successful designing company, and we promise to provide best services to our clients from anywhere in the country. Our highly skilled and trained crew is motivated to work on their ability and hence we are providing best services to our clients.

Meeting Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is our primary goal. We at Search a Wish work with complete professionalism and responsibility. We value the time of our customers and make use of our time optimally as well. That is why we always strive to deliver the products ordered to us on time to our customers. This saves our clients from tedious part of waiting for their required product and also it helps utilize our time in the best possible manner too dividing our responsibilities among our team and bringing out the best from them.

Prompt Customer Support Service

We offer 24/7 customer support with the most responsive team of professionalism to quickly fix the problems with your website. Our customer service is cooperative and supportive. They understand the need of the clients well and forward your queries and requirements to the technical team immediately so that your problems are solved as soon as possible.

Ahead of the Competition

Search a Wish keeps itself updated with the most modern trends in the industry and always strive to be one step ahead of their competitors in the production of the product. Our innovative and creative technical teams make it possible for our clients to stand out among their competitors.


SearchaWish works with complete professionalism in the field. The procedures we employ are completely formal and professional. We believe in making a long-term relationship with our customers. Our professional practices and sheer knowledge of the field we are working in is the sole reason for our success and why our customers are increasing day by day.